What We Offer

Your child will be participating in numerous daily activities including:

Physical health and movement skills

Designed to develop the child's large and small muscles control, fitness and overall co-ordination.


Approaches to learning

Children differ in how they manage challenges and new tasks and our activities sparks a child's interest, curiosity and attention. It increases a child's concerntration, a positive approach in learning which creates a platform for success in school.


Social and emotion development

Enhancing a child's ability to interact with both children and adults to recognise and express feelings more effectively.


Thinking abilities and general knowledge

Enhancing general knowledge by discussions. It teaches them how the world works and will increase problem solving.


Communication, language and literacy

These activities help children to express themselves.From indoors including :
- Fantasy play
- Educational puzzles
- Painting and drawing
- Baking and Making
- Kiddies gym


Outdoors stepping into our garden. Variety of outdoor equipment including trampolines, jungle gyms, swings and gardening.

Come rain or sunshine our children are always busy learning whilst having lots of fun. We at Learn and Lead Nursery school knows that every parent wants their child to be the best, so at Learn and Lead we bring out the best in your child.

We can't wait to welcome you to Learn and Lead Nursery school.